Why I Love BBQ in the Fall…and Other Stuff Too!

…yes I know, I write virtually the same post every year! (You can go back and check…I really do!) BUT, it’s not only my favorite season…it’s when the long overdue cooler weather finally arrives!  On the smaller smokers this tends to lend itself to longer times ‘on the smoke’ for many of our tasty treats which in my humble opinion, leads to a better end product!

To be honest, other than on Pulled Pork Sandwiches…I wince every time I see someone put sauce on our BBQ!  I know, I know…people all LOVE BBQ sauce, BUT to be sure, I believe that it is the SMOKE not the SAUCE that makes great BBQ Great!!!  OK, in addition to the smoke it is choosing the right cuts of meat for that ‘Low & Slow’ cooking process and making sure that they are trimmed just right for those long hours over the low heat.  Not that I am completely averse to sauces and rubs…we make our own and they’re all pretty darned good in my book…I just think that they have their place and rarely is it SMOTHERING the meat that we cooked for 12+ hours! 🙂

Knowing your butcher and better yet…knowing your farmer helps too!  Why?  Well, depending on how that protein was raised and what it ate along the way…it’s gonna’ cook differently!  True that I am somewhat of a ‘Locavore’ and I do like to put as few miles between our BBQ, Sides, Desserts and Appetizers and the plate as possible.  I am also a firm believer in knowing where your meat has been! (Insert your own witty pun here!)

OK, so that’s the rant for today…this is the BEST time of year for BBQ ‘Quality’ here in the Northeast as far as I am concerned!  Regrettably…we aren’t cooking any for the next 4-6 weeks for customers, but I suspect I’ll be tossing a few cuts on for ‘personal consumption’! 🙂

As I have mentioned in previous Blogs…my little ‘incident’ (while minding my own business at a RED light!!!) may have interrupted the BBQ season for a bit, but the ‘up side’ (if there IS one) is that it accelerated our Menu R&D!  We will probably be making substantial changes to our menu and its format over the Winter and welcome any suggestions from the Blogosphere…so feel free to chime in and we’ll make sure you get credit (and some swag) if your suggestion makes it on the menu! – Thanks!  –  Jim


3 thoughts on “Why I Love BBQ in the Fall…and Other Stuff Too!

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you about people putting sauces on food, I can understand it with children as they don’t know any better but adults should really at minimum try the item first and if it’s not quite what they like then add the sauce….we do BBQ’s and hog roasts and when people put tomato sauce on the hog roast it makes me think why o why what a shame.

    • Man…I’m glad it’s NOT just me! Nice to knnow that there ARE others that feel the same way! Thanks for verifying my sanity! – Jim

  2. No it’s not just you Jim this apply’s to all hard working caterers and chefs ….I think the majority of people appreciate your efforts though 🙂

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