Get Out There and Experience Fall!!!

That is…in between the bloody rain days!  As luck would have it though, all that wet weather seems to have added many bright colors to the palate of trees on South Mountain, making the season a bit more enjoyable during the morning ‘dog exercise’ sessions!

No matter where you’re at, you’ll no doubt appreciate the cooler weather following such a blistering hot Summer for most of the US.  If you’re here in the NorthEast, you have got to check out the scenery and Fall activities.  In our little part of PA nestled tight along the Appalachians, there are not only beautiful leaves to see, but it’s HARVEST TIME!  Specifically Apples and Grapes which means that just over the hill, opportunities abound to stop by places like Hollabaugh’s Orchards and pick up some of Fall’s tasty treasures!  Grape harvest time brings additional focus to some of the truly spectacular efforts of the growing number of wineries in PA.  We LOVE the Adams County Winery and Reid’s Orchards, but there are MANY more…you can stop in for a tasting and pick up some unique and tasty wines as a way of supporting the movement and enhancing your meals at home!

This has been our first week of complete inactivity due to a seemingly minor auto accident that has had BIG consequences for me and for GreatQ4U!  I would like to personally apologize again to any customers who were looking to add some GreatQ to their tables between now and Thanksgiving and promise that I’m working hard to get everything back to normal ASAP!  Until then – Enjoy your Autumn!!! – Jim


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