When Life Hands You Lemons…

…try not to POUT!  At least that’s this week’s Mantra!

First and foremost, I extend our most sincere apologies to the customers who we were unable to provide service to during this past Columbus Day weekend…I also TRULY appreciate your understanding!  Secondly, I apologize to everyone planning on having a scrumptious Brined and Smoked Turkey on your Thanksgiving tables…regrettably, not this year!

Due to a completely unanticipated and unexpected turn of events, we will be closing all BBQ Catering Operations until at least December 1st of this year…maybe longer, but we’ll keep you apprised.  We are planning on doing our best to continue to provide our ‘Personal Chef’ service during this period of time.

If you’ve got a Christmas or December Holiday event planned with us…no worries, we’ll have you covered!  We are also filling up the 2012 Calendar pretty quickly, so if you are planning a Spring or Summer 2012 event and would like to add some ‘GreatQ” to it…call soon!

Once again, I am SORRY for any inconveniences and will keep you apprised as we bring the BBQ Catering back on line hopefully SOON! – Jim 


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