OK, Menu Development Time’s Coming…HELP!!!

Yes, it is THAT time of year again here in the Northeast…’BBQ Season’ is winding down and with the exception of some Tailgating and Holiday parties…we are beginning to turn out thoughts to next season! (Why IS there a ‘BBQ Season’ here anyway??? BBQ is GREAT all year long!!!)

That said, we would LOVE to hear from folks out there in the Blogosphere about what  YOU think should be on our menu for 2012!  For anyone who has followed the #GreatQ4U! scene and our menus, you’ll note that we have migrated from a simple, more traditional American BBQ menu to our current offering which includes a wider array of more ‘trendy’ foods.

We would like to focus on adding some regional specialties for next year while returning to the more ‘traditional’ sides and accouterments.  I am thinking that we’ll be doing some indirect, top down pig roasts – Cuban Style with a Mojo and using  #La Caja China.  I am also fascinated with South American dishes such as Chimichuri’s and their associated proteins and sides.  We are experimenting with Moroccan cuisines, but I’m not sure how Central PA’s tatse buds will adapt to that! – We’ll probably be doing Tagines in the ‘Personal Chef’ lineup throughout the winter!

All that said and done, I would LOVE to know what YOU think that a ‘contemporary’ BBQ Menu should look like!  Heck, if we choose one of your suggestions…we’ll name it after YOU (or give you credit on the menu!)!  Thanks in advance!


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