BBQ…It’s NOT Just for Breakfast Anymore!!!

OK, so I’ll admit that you’ve got to be pretty ‘hard core’ to eat BBQ every morning, BUT…cold ribs are a tasty treat after a long night and Pulled Pork makes an EXCELLENT omelet with some sharp Provolone on it!  While my intent is not to blog about breakfast…maybe you should try it if you haven’t already!

My actual reason for leading with the seemingly ironic title for this Blog is to point out as I do every year at this time that just because it’s FALL or even WINTER doesn’t mean that ‘BBQ Season’ is over!  In fact we keep the smokers burning all year round and as I’ve mentioned before here in the Blogosphere…I think that the “Q” is even better in the cooler months!

If you are looking to add a bit of unanticipated BBQ goodness to an upcoming event…all you’ve got to do is call us at 717-254-1937 or visit us online at to see how we can help!  It’s a special treat for folks when they’ve already packed up the grill and stuck it under a tarp for the winter and we do it RIGHT!

What do I mean by ‘RIGHT’ you ask?  (Great Question!)  I mean that we choose specific cuts of meat just for your event and cut correctly to spend long hours on the smoker.  Then we prepare your meats using our own spices and rubs and allow them to come to room temperature before they hit that wood smoke for a ‘Low & Slow’ cook until they reach just the right temperature and tenderness.  As they are cooking, we prepare your side dished fresh and just for you and your guests!  Everything is made specifically for your event…no re-warming here!  Finally, we time the meats to come off the smoker, rest and then come straight to you!  This ensures that you’ll be enjoying the Taste, Texture and Smell of ‘Competition Quality’ BBQ each and every time!

SO…next time you’re planning a lunch, dinner or any other special event this Fall and Winter….Think GreatQ4U!


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