Good Friends, Great Causes and Doing Good!

Three concepts that resonate exceptionally loudly for me this week!  I had the great fortune to be a small part of a BBQ machine that produced and distributed nearly 5,000 meals into communities and organizations helping them following the devastating flooding in Central PA following Tropical Storm Lee’s deluge!  It was tiring and stressful, but good and most importantly…it was the RIGHT thing to do!  Please…if you are not familiar with “Operation BBQ Relief”, visit their website and get involved…it’s incredible the power of a single BBQ meal following a disaster…I’ve seen it first hand many times this year! (

As for the remainder of last week and this past weekend…just catching up on all of the things left undone or ‘pushed’ from the week prior to OBR Central PA.  Then yesterday, everything changed for me.  My phone started ringing and beeping and the news was nothing but bad!  A good friend, fellow firefighter and EMS provider and a former EMS partner of mine had collapsed during a training burn…the first message I got by text – ‘all attempts at resuscitation failed!’

I hadn’t seen him in some time and we hadn’t had a chance to speak for over a year…he was much younger than me, and his personality unforgettable!  He was one of those guys who did anything for anyone, anytime!  He meant a LOT to many more people than me and he had dedicated his life to public service…because it was the RIGHT thing to do!

This Blog post is Happy and Sad and hopefully it is cause for reflection from all who read it!  Be thankful for what you’ve got and know that at any moment…any time…it could all be gone!  Be thankful for your friends and make sure that they know what they mean to you and why!  AND…in these days of Political angling and ‘Hyper Partisianship’…I’m right and You’re wrong…do something for someone else no matter who they are or what they believe in…because IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO!

Rest peacefully LT. Rankin…we got it from here!


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