GQ4U! Personal Chef Services (Central Pennsylvania)

SO…we are a bit over 2 weeks into our new service offering and things are moving along quite nicely!  Our recent addition is attracting a great deal of attention and we are demonstrating that we’ve got more than BBQ to offer all of our customers and fans in and around Central Pennsylvania!

Logically extending our commitment to listening to customer’s needs, local sourcing, hand preparation of a wide variety of American and Ethnic cuisines and top notch customer service seems to resonate with folks here in Central PA!  We are committed to working with our ‘Personal Chef’ customers to meet whatever needs that they may have!  Need a Chef for a special occasion, OK!  Looking to have us create a custom meal plan for you a few (or every) nights a week, Got It!  Need an extra set of hands for a party or family event, No Problem!  Want us to cater the whole deal…why that’s a Core Competency!!! 🙂

We will come to you and build not only a menu, but a solution around your needs!  It’s no wonder that with today’s longer work hours, busy kid’s schedules and tight social calendars….folks find themselves eating pre-made, preservative laden meals from the grocer’s freezers…or worse, eating out several nights a week!  By allowing us to understand your likes, dietary needs and schedule, we can build a ‘heat and eat’ solution that gives you fresh, home cooked meals at a fraction of the cost of eating out!

Of course we are ServSafe and PA Department of Agriculture Food Safety Certified and we’ve got decades of experience cooking for a broad range of people’s pallates…so we are certain that we can help YOU!  Check out the new GQ4U! Personal Chef website at: and don’t forget…we’d still LOVE to have your catering business if you are looking to have some ‘Real Deal’, Wood-Smoked BBQ catering at your next corporate lunch, dinner or family event!  Catering info is at;!


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