BBQ Season Rolls ON!!!

Here we are in the middle of August somehow….WOW….where did all that time go?  No problem mon’ there’s still LOTS of warm (translated – BBQ) weather to be had this year and then we just might do Thanksgiving Turkeys again this year….you’ll be the first to know!  I know, I know…I have been a bit Blog absent this Summer, but then again…it IS all about the MEAT!!! 🙂  I’ll try to do better, but alas…no promises!

SO, what’s up in GQ4U! world…well LOTS!  I had mentioned that we would be ‘Popping up’ in a number of places this season and the first of those is now ‘Operational’ and it could be YOUR Kitchen!!!  We have recently introduced our comprehensive Personal Chef Services for discerning customers in and around Central Pennsylvania!  NOW, we can not only do incredible BBQ Catering for your next Corporate event or family gathering…we can do your shopping, come to your house and prepare as many meals and portions as you like, packaging them in simple ‘heat and eat’ containers and freeing up valuable time for you to spend doing something other than cooking!  NO…it’s not all BBQ…our Pitmaster and Executive Chef, Jim Knepper is a self taught master of ‘Everyday American’ cuisine and has been in the kitchen for decades!

Growing up in the heart of the ethnic outskirts of Pittsburgh and learning to make pasta entirely by hand from an italian ‘second mom’ at an early age sparked a lifelong interest in American and Regional cuisines!  In over 20 years working as a Paramedic, Jim’s meals became nearly legendary around Fire and EMS houses, drawing in BIG crowds for his fresh and tasty meals.  For over seven years, he’s had direct oversight for the Pits at GreatQ4U! (all 400 sq. ft. of them) AND oversees preparation and packaging of all our home-made sides, appetizers & desserts.  He is responsible for working with our team and customers to develop a constantly current menu that features locally sourced and nutritionally balanced meals and BBQ treats!

Why not give it a try, call us today for your FREE Initial Consultation and see just how much time, money and hassle we can save you!

As for the BBQ part of our business…we still have space open on the Smokers for your late Summer and Fall events, so if you’re interested give us a call and see what we can do for you! – 717-254-1937

***The above was originally typed in August of 2011 when we first rolled out our Personal Chef Service.  Many clients and a few ‘additions’ later, we are still pleased to offer our Personal Chef services to customers in and around Central PA. ( A few ‘updates’ you should be aware of: Chef Jim has since been formally trained in the Escoffier method of cooking and utilizes these skills, combined with an ongoing annual ‘immersion’ training in various regional and ethnic cuisine preparation and cooking methods to provide many options to our Personal Chef Clientele.  Additionally, we also are now proud to offer SousVide Supreme Water Ovens and Accessories to our customers as well as the full line of Made in USA Primo Ceramic Grills and Smokers.  In addition to knowledge and experience that can help you learn to use these amazing cooking systems, we can provide one-on-one instruction in their use and application in your specific circumstances.***


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