GQ4U! Personal Chef Service

YEP…something NEW!  We are expanding our capabilities in and around Central PA to include Personal Chef service!  What could possibly be better for folks who are working more hours than ever before, spending TONS of $$$ on eating out several nights a week, or simply unable to shop for the freshest ingredients and prepare those ‘home cooked’ meals you remember from so long ago?

NO…we aren’t simply providing ALL BBQ meals (although I think that would be really tasty) we are working with every customer to clearly understand their tastes, family favorites and dietary needs, then building a menu around that!  Once we understand your needs, we’ll do all the shopping, then come to your kitchen and prepare as many meals as you;d like us to!  We can prepare them to be re-warmed in Conventional or Microwave ovens and will leave instructions so you can just ‘heat and eat’…saving you time and money AND probably better for you than those ‘eating out’ meals!

From good old fashioned American favorites like Meatloaf & Lasagna to contemporary favorites from modern recipes that everyone will rave about for days!  Heck, we can even toss in some Slow Smoked BBQ Goodies…it’s something we do pretty well!  With over two decades of culinary experience our Chef (Pitmaster) can help you make your week SO much easier, giving you more time for family, friends or (if you’re like that) work!

Even more…if you’re looking to give that extra special treat to someone, we can come to you home and prepare a meal that you choose and serve it up right there!  It’s a great gift and memory that will last a lifetime!

For more info, visit our NEW website at: http://www.GreatQ4U.NET – not to be confused with our BBQ Love at – We will be happy to discuss your interests any time, just give us a call at 717-254-1937


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