‘Lexington Style’ Chopped Pork BBQ!

I’ve read about it…I’ve seen it and in fact, I’ve been dying to actually get to Lexington, NC and taste some of this regional specialty!¬† Who knows…this year Lexington’s Annual ‘Barbecue Festival’ is being held on my Birthday, so I think I know what I’d like as a gift! ūüôā¬† If you’d like more info about this celebration in the very HEART of the BBQ Pork universe, you can check out the website: http://www.barbecuefestival.com/

For any GQ4U! regulars, you already know that our ‘Carolina Style Vinegar Slaw’ has its roots firmly grounded with a ‘Lexington Red’ sauce and it just so happens to go REALLY well with our Pulled Pork!¬† Further, our commitment (no matter WHAT KCBS judges think about it) to making Authentic ‘Carolina Style’ BBQ is truly inspired specifically by the Pitmasters and INCREDIBLE BBQ joints in the Eastern half of North Carolina!¬† A regional treat that I have been enjoying since I was a kid traveling from Pittsburgh to a then remote, Outer Banks for summer get-aways with¬†my family!

SO…I have been wanting to experiment with a ‘Chopped Pork’ recipe for some time now and had the opportunity to do so yesterday with very nice results!¬† For the ‘average’ BBQ guy this would have been as simple as taking some Pork, Chopping it Up and tossing it on a bun with some sauce…however…I¬†have NEVER been the ‘Average’¬†anything!¬†¬†My preparation for this whole deal began over a month ago!

I¬†knew that I needed¬†something to ‘Chop’ on and that none of my large collection of cutting boards would do…no, I needed a REAL¬†Choppin’ Block!¬† Found it from a great guy named Ken just north of DC…it’s not some shiny new Boo’s block and has no fancy-schmancy¬†stainless steel accessories…it’s a 2 foot by 2 foot table with a block that’s over 14″ thick!¬† Well worn and showing obvious signs of use…it was PERFECT for me as I love stuff with ‘character’ and it has plenty of it! (It’s bloody heavy too!)

Then, I needed the appropriate implements of ‘Chop-struction’…of course none of my VAST knife collection would do…I needed a couple of cleavers…not just ANY cleavers, but Hammer Stahl¬†Cleavers!!!¬† I found them at the Fancy Foods show in DC and fell in LOVE!¬† They are not only good looking, but functional and feel GREAT! (kinda’ like me! >:))

Chopping Block and Cleavers¬†in hand and it was time to get busy!¬† Chopped some Pork Shoulder that I cooked for about 16 hours over Mesquite and Applewood¬†and added in some saut√©ed¬†Vidalia Onions and Roasted Jalapeno and Pablano peppers and MAN!¬† THAT’s some tasty stuff!!!¬† Still dialing in my ingredients and level of Choppiness…but I like the hardware and it’s effect on the whole picture and taste!

Next up for me is ‘Chopped Brisket’ – another request that we get periodically and have yet to add to the menu…but I suspect it’s an ‘addition¬†in waiting’ for next year’s GQ4U! lineup!

Happy Monday and keep on Chopping!!! ūüôā


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