While the heat bakes your brain…please don’t forget…

…I know that we are all smack in the middle of our Summertime activities and more importantly in the past few weeks, we’re all feeling like Global Warming has become personal!  I just wanted to take an opportunity to ask that we all keep a few things in mind!

As many regular readers are aware, following the horrific tornadoes that hit Alabama on April 27th, I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to take our Traeger COM-200 to Morgan County, Alabama and help the fine folks at Sheriff Franklin’s Command Center provide food, clothes and lots of other stuff to the residents that had been hit so hard for 3 days over Mother’s Day weekend.  During this trip, most of my ‘pre-planning’ succumbed to Murphy’s Law and all was salvaged by the selfless assistance of a fellow that the Kansas City BBQ Society hooked me up with; Ron Harwell!  he spent THREE days helping me, despite the fact that he had a job and extended family that were hit by the damages!  It was an incredibly humbling and heartwarming experience and one that I will never forget.

Nearly a month later and under even more horrific circumstances…I had a chance to pay Ron’s kindness forward by heading out to Joplin, MO following the May 22nd EF-5 Tornado that leveled most everything in the town.  As it was ‘peak season’ for GQ4U! and my daughter’s 21st Birthday celebration was looming…I was only able to spend about 24 hours ‘on the ground’ as a VERY small part of what would become ‘Operation BBQ Relief’  (www.operationbbqrelief.org/) – This amazing collection of Competition BBQ Teams, Caterers and other BBQ Lovers was able to provide 120,000+ FREE Slow Cooked BBQ Meals to the folks who lost everything and those helping them…it was also incredible and another thing I could never forget.

Weeks after that, the Midwest and West were hit by record flooding that caused untold amounts of damage to whole cities and rural communities and involved countermeasures that had never been attempted before.  Fires in Texas, Arizona and many other states burnt hundreds of thousands of acres and robbed residents of everything they owned and knew to be home!  Now the heat…there are people living in bad circumstances and without the many things that most of us take for granted everyday…like AC…please, check on them if they are close to you and help if you can.

There are also children starving right here in the US because they aren’t getting the food that their school lunches provide during the school year.  Share our Strength (www.strength.org) is working hard to help them and the Adults that are hungry too.  It is an amazing organization and an important mission, they could use your help if you can!

I guess the point of this whole diatribe is to say that sometimes, because of all that’s going on in the world and because it’s so blistering hot, we forget!  PLEASE…as you are completing those Summer projects or planning your Summer get away…don’t forget your fellow Americans in need!  We are ALL in this together….United we stand, Divided we FALL! 

If you have the means and the time…remember those in need and do something about it!


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