I’m feelin’ HOT, HOT HOT!!!

Got up this morning and looked at the clock…0521…slept in today!  THEN…I looked at the thermometer and maybe my eyes were blurry, but the numbers on it looked pretty close to those on the CLOCK!!!

Now I don’t want to be the guy to overstate the already overstated obvious and I believe that all the HOT metaphors and euphemisms out there have been used up, but as a BBQ guy…I’ve got the next 3 days to stand next to 400+ square feet of 200+ degree heat and make some Great “Q” for a bunch of even better customers!

Not sure what it’s like where you live…I am assuming HOT if you’re anywhere close to us, but am wondering how my fellow BBQ loving friends stay cool!  If you, like me, tend Pits in this weather…I’d REALLY like to know how you stay cool!!! (I don’t have enough brain cells left to suffer ‘heat stroke’!)

Remember to stay hydrated and do NOT exert significantly while in this heat…if you’ve got heavy work to do…get some lights and do it at night…it may STILL be 85 degrees, but at least you wont have all that UV radiation making it worse!  If you have pets, please bring them inside and make sure that they have plenty of water too and DON’T let them walk on that blistering hot asphalt without shoes…you probably wouldn’t want to…neither do they!

Please feel free to share your cooling suggestions and have a GREAT weekend!!!


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