How do you like your “Q”?

O’h my goodness…that question could open Pandora’s Box of BBQ proclivities, but is worthy of asking!

I think that one of the best things BBQ is that wherever you go in the world, every region has its own way of doing things!  I was reminded of this recently while enjoying a tasty Thai BBQ Chicken…sauce on the side!  Some like it Dry, some like it Wet…others prefer a combination of BOTH!

Of course, we do things all ‘North Carolina’ style here…meaning Hickory smoke, Low & Slow with regular mops and our special rub!  Specifically, our signature BBQ Sauce…’Hoover’s Southern Fusion’ has a distinctively Eastern NC taste to it with just enough of Memphis in it to give it a unique twist.

I’d be interested to hear how all the folks reading this Blog like your “Q”!


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