SO…what makes GreatQ4U! ‘All That’?

Well, that’s a GOOD question and it’s got quite a few parts to its answer;

  1. We are completely focused on our customers from start to finish!  We have invested heavily in making sure that you experience is a good one and that we communicate effectively and frequently with each and every customer.
  2. We are squarely focused on providing the BEST Wood-Smoked BBQ that we can every time!  Our products are ALL locally sourced and many come from farms right here in the Susquehanna Valley!  We make EVERYTHING that you order specifically for you and your event…no pre-cooked ‘food for the masses’ here!  All of our BBQ is timed to cook so that it’s coming off the smokers Just In Time to head off to your event…no re-warming here…your guests get the Smell,Taste and Experience of ‘Real Deal’ BBQ every time!
  3. We strive to be ‘Socially Conscious’ and offer as much back to our community as possible.  So far this year, we spent 3 days in Morgan County, Alabama cooking at our own expense for the rescuers and residents following the horrific Tornadoes there.  I personally flew to Kansas City and then drove to Joplin just to be a SMALL part of what would become ‘Operation BBQ Rescue’ which provided over 120,000 FREE ‘Real Deal’ BBQ meals to the folks affected by THAT devastating Tornado.  We are actively engaged with ‘Share Our Strength’ and planning on doing an event soon to bring attention to Childhood Hunger in our area.  AND…we will ALWAYS be engaged in our community and anywhere someone needs a hand that we can lend!
  4. BBQ Makes people smile!  (I know it’s an easy one, but it REALLY is true!)

There are certainly more reasons that I believe we rise above many other businesses…but I know that we aren’t ‘special’…we’ll keep working on getting better!  You can do your part to help by hiring us to make your next party something special too!  Thanks for being BBQ lovers and for our current customers thank YOU again!



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