Thank You Soaring Circuits!!!

As I have opined many times before here on the Blog…we LOVE our customers and want each and every one of them to feel the same about us!  Recently we did a ‘last minute’ add on job for a small group of REALLY cool people…remote control sail plane competitors or the ‘Soaring Circuits’!  I was amazed by their sport and the coolness that it involves…regrettably my busy schedule did not afford me a chance to see more of their activities, but I will at some point soon!

Here’s the review of us that they were kind enough to post online;

GreatQ4U! did an excellent job for our event. We had a small party just under 50 people and they delivered to our site. The food was outstanding; everyone loved it! They were very professional in making the arrangements, provided exactly what we needed, including some late modifications that we requested. The pulled pork was outstanding, as were the chicken quarters. Everyone had more than enough food too. We had many of our guests going back for seconds! The side dishes were also excellent. We had potato salad, macaroni and cheese, cole slaw, corn bread, and apple pie. I would recommend them for any events; they’re on my list for our event next year!

Thank you again SO much for all your support and for loving the “Q”!!! – Jim


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