Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes…

At least I think that’s the correct number of ‘Ch’s!  (If you don’t get it…nevermind!)  Anyway, the theme continues around here.  We are making progress on our outdoor kitchen and anxiously awaiting the arrival of the GQ4U! QRC Tee’s & all the fun that will hopefully come along with them! 

We REALLY want to get our online friends involved in this whole BBQ adventure and think that these Tee shirts are a great way to do it…we are giving away 30 of them to folks who sign up for our E-Mail list (man…we send about 10-14 e-mails a year…it’s not REALLY that big of a commitment on your part!) in return for which, if you get a shirt…we’ll post ‘BBQ Challenges’ here online and ask you to go have some BBQ fun, then document it online by photo or video with our QRC Tee visible enough that someone can scan it…and you WIN FREE BBQ SWAG!!!

Only have L and XL shirts and we’ll pick 30 names at random from our E-Mail List once we get the shirts…out they go to you in BBQ Land!  Here’s a link to our E-Mail sign-up page: CLICK HERE

O’h there are LOTS of other changes going on too, but not enough time to Blog it all!  I’ll leave you with a suggestion to get out there and grill, smoke or cook something outside this week!


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