THURSDAY already…and I haven’t Blogged in DAYS!!!

Must be BBQ Season!!!  O’h MY it IS and there’s TONS of stuff going on!  I don’t even know where to begin an have little time to tell the tales here, but here are some updates:

We finally bit the bullet (because we HAD to in order to keep growing) and became ‘bona-fide’!  We are now GreatQ4U!, LLC – exclamation point and ALL!  In the event that you’re wondering (as if you’d need to), we are a PENNSYLVANIA Corporation!  A notable part of our ongoing commitment to do business locally and keep it right here in PA!

We have rolled out Version 1.0 of our ‘Lunch Menu’ with many soon-to-come additions and options that will allow folks to easily choose their lunch, decide whether to pick up or have it delivered and pay all online and all at once…saving time, money and frustration for our customers!  We also have spent heavily this year on building the ‘back end’ of the operation….which is to say all the computers that are supposed to help us be better…you know how computers ARE…so please have patience as we grow.

Our outdoor prep kitchen is underway and will soon be ready to help crank out even MORE GreatQ4U! while maintaining the most important part of all…that ‘Real Deal’, Wood-Smoked BBQ Quality that we are committed to each and every time.

Sourcing of all our ingredients this year is continuing its evolution toward a more ‘locavore’ approach to having as few miles as possible between you and your food!  It’s better for the environment, we are blessed to live in an incredibly fertile rural area and the decreased carbon footprint helps too!

Walk Up service is still in our sights for this year and we may have a few announcements soon about this…I hate to be TOO optimistic! 

I should definitely mention the GreatQ4U! | QRC-T promotion that we’re doing this season!  We will soon be getting a VERY limited number of Black & Gold Tee Shirts with the GQ4U! QR Code and Web address on the rear…sign up for our e-mail list ( and you’re set to be chosen at random to get one!  Once you’ve got the shirt…we’ll be asking you to engage in some online (and ‘on the ground’) shenanigans with us in exchange for some FREE cool GQ4U! BBQ Swag!  IN fact, one of our QRC-Tee owners will win a FREE BBQ PICNIC for up to 100 People!!!

SO….with all of THAT going on, not much time to Blog here!  Sorry for the drop off…but I promise that there’s MUCH more news to come soon!  Have a GREAT weekend! – JK


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