TGI – Fajita!!!

Get out to your FAVORITE Mexican Restaurant tonight and do it up!  I like mine ‘Texanas – Piquante’ with shrimp, chicken steak and mucho jalapenos!  I know, I know…I should be encouraging you to have BBQ…but life’s ALL about variety right???   PLUS, there will be PLENTY of time for you to get out and taste BBQ in and around Central PA and across the country in our upcoming GQ4U! ‘QRC-Tee’ funfest! 

We are offering up a very limited number of Black & Gold Tees with our “QR” Code on the back! (The kids these days use them to get info directly on their smartphones!) and the way to get one is to sign up for our E-Mail list so we can keep you apprised of upcoming ‘QR’ events that will earn wearer’s FREE BBQ Swag!!!  Heck, one lucky winner will get a whole BBQ Picnic for up to 100 folks FREE!!!  We will have a LOT of fun with this promo and hope for it to be an interactive one! Sign up here:

That said, smokers are burning for yet another busy weekend with a brief respite for Father’s Day on Sunday…so if you can…call your dad and say Thanks!  Have a great weekend and keep on smoking! – jak


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