All American Priorities and BBQ!

OK, so few things are considered to be more ‘American’ than BBQ!  Heck…while it can be traced to the early days of man, we’ve certainly made our mark on perfecting the art here in the good old USA!  So I find it kind of ironic, as we’re talking about ‘American’ things that I’d be BBQ Blogging about a Weiner!  (GOSH, I know not to mix BBQ and Politics, but I’ve got a point to make here,  so stick with me!)

I was absolutely amazed this week when the Anniversary of D-Day came and went and the news quite literally brushed over it at best!  Instead, we were all about Wiener this and Weiner that and the horrendous puns were flying like feathers in a pillow factory!  WHAT???

I personally am honored to know many WWII vets and I go out of my way to thank those I don’t know when I see them anywhere!  We have ALL that we have because of their courage and the ‘let’s get it done’ attitude that their generation had toward the future of this country!  We MUST remember always their sacrifice and its significance in our every day lives!  Politics…well, that’s not an issue for a BBQ Blog…and I don’t like smoked wiener’s anyway!

Be a good American!  Leave this place better than you got it!  Thank a VET!!!


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