Just when things were getting back to ‘normal’…

…the people of Joplin, MO are suffering the same pain and devastation as their neighbors in the Southeast!  Things here were just settling down following my trip to Alabama and now the urge to help yet again…alas…it’s peak ‘season’ for us and we’ve got LOTS of commitments!  There is an ongoing effort to cook BBQ for the folks in Joplin and their FaceBook page is: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Operation-BBQ-Relief-for-Joplin/166140806782807 so if you can get there and donate some time…or if you have connections to provide enough stuff to fill the need in an ongoing manner…please check it out.  Also…please don’t forget all of the folks in the Southeast that have suffered such horrific tragedy and loss!

LOTS of other stuff going on around here…including a few upcoming Demo and Sampling events…the next (unofficially as I type this….but it WILL happen) gig will be the GRAND (Re)Opening of Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum and Candy Emporium!!!  We’ll have a tent set up and will be dishing out Pulled Pork Slyders for event visitor’s tasting pleasure!  There’s more…our new ‘Competition Tee’ has finally arrived in a variety of natural pigment dyed colors and will be available SOON on our online shop: shop.GreatQ4U.com – We’ve got LOTS of cool Hats, Polos and GQ4U! Logo Tees too!

Our Wedding schedule for the remainder of the season is pretty full…so if you’re planning on locking in a date for your BBQ Wedding Reception…I’m guessing we’ll be full in a matter of DAYS for the remainder of this year.  We are still available for corporate lunches, dinners, parties and picnics.  We are proud to be partnering with Blue Mountain Outfitters (BlueMountainOutfitters.net) to offer corporate Paddle/BBQ Combinations hosted at a scenic location along the Susquehanna River and all logistics covered!  If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll be happy to help: Jim@GreatQ4U.com or in the office at 717-254-1937.

Stay tuned for information about our Competition plans for the season…the ‘original’ plans have been scrapped following my Alabama trip and prehaps an upcoming trip to MO…so we’ll keep you ‘in the loop’ as plans evolve!  If you’d like to be on our Competition Team and can travel to Central PA with relative ease for practice sessions…e-mail us: info@GreatQ4U.com and we’ll talk! 

Well…that’s it for now…stay tuned for upcoming GQ4U! News! – jak

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Available at shop.GreatQ4U.com

2 thoughts on “Just when things were getting back to ‘normal’…

  1. Jeff – Carolyn Wells said to call you. Can head that way w/ box truck, grills & my Ole Hickory Pit El-ew if it would help and 4 good bodys to help smoke . Could be there Sunday night.

    • You may have me confused….Jim here…in PA, but willing to put in a 12-14 hour shift in Joplin or wherever from Saturday Mid-afternoon through Sunday Morning. Would be flying into MCI arriving Sat morning and renting a 4 seat car then travelling to wherever I am needed. Could transport people or supplies from KC if necessary. Unfortunately can’t bring out Pits or staff…just me, but ServSafe Production Mgr Cert is Current and I’m willing to do whatever needs done. Jim@GreatQ4U.com

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