OK, I know…

…it’s been a while since my last REAL blog post, but I have REASONS!!!  Not that I am one to excuse away bad behavior, but there was LOTS to do that was left undone last week as my focus was clearly on Morgan County, Alabama!  In addition, we are in the beginning of our ‘busy season’ and transitioning from our bare bones winter staffing to our summer schedule…bringing a few new folks up to speed.  Finally, to be honest I am still soaking up the Alabama trip and what it all means…I am quite sure that the folks in Morgan County gave me far more than I did them!

I’ve been asked to chronicle the trip for an upcoming issue of ‘The Bullsheet’ for the Kansas City BBQ Society (www.kcbs.us) so, I’ll save the details for that forum as they really facilitated the whole thing!  I’ve said it many times previously and will say it over and over again…the best part about BBQ (other than eating it) is the fact that there are ALWAYS smiles associated with it!  I saw them in Alabama, I see them on our client’s faces and they are the main reason I do this!  SO…if you’re not already a member of KCBS…go to their website and join…you WON’T regret it!!! 

There’s a great big world of BBQ awaiting you out there and it’s filled with some pretty incredible folks!!!

Morgan County, Alabama


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