Plant a Garden…There’s STILL Time!!!

Quite a few times before on the Blog I have espoused the many virtues of growing your own vegetables!  Not only do they (seemingly) taste better…you know where they’ve been!!!  So, yet again I will dedicate a chunk of bandwidth to home gardening!

It’s NOT that hard to do and you really don’t even need any ‘land’ to have a great veggie harvest!  You just need to bone up a bit about the types of veggies that you’d like to grow, the type of growing options that you’ve got available where you live (from acres of ground to a hanging window basket) and then find someone to help!  These folks typically aren’t hard to find either! 

You can try your local ‘Mega-Builder-Farmer-Superstore’, but it’s going to be ‘hit or miss’ finding someone who knows how to grow in your situation!  Agway’s are a great solution if you’ve got one…they normally know the local growing scene.  If not…find a farm stand…use it as an excuse to get out of the office!  Talk to them about what you’d like to do and see what they say!  Other resources would include your State and the US Departments of Agriculture ( and their extension services.

No matter what your excuse for not doing it might be…I promise that if you plant a garden of any size, you’ll thank me for it later!


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