GreatQ4U! Menu News

As our new Menu continues its evolution, you’ll find the most up to date version on the website.  A few recent changes include the addition of Salads, Fruit & Veggie Trays as well as nostalgic candy from Mister Ed’s!  A few changes to look for in coming days will be the return of our ‘ever popular’ Signature Appetizers as well as a new Signature Dessert menu along with more information about this year’s significant focus on the very popular GreenOptions menu and our commitment to ‘going local’!

To see the menu, you can Click Here

I’d love to hear any suggestions or comments that you’ve got OR better yet…if you’re looking to do an event and would like to add in sumthin’ special…like ‘Real Deal’, Wood Smoked BBQ give us a call at 717-254-1937 or send an e-mail as always you can visit us online at!

Getting Ready for Turn In!


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