GreatQ4U!’s 2011 BBQ Catering Menu is HERE!!!

Long awaited and still evolving we’ve made some significant changes this year!  We found a small supplier who’s commitment to quality is close to ours and they’ve allowed us to greatly expand our Appetizer menu while making the new selections even more cost effective!  We’ve added photographs and descriptions to help guide your decisions and our Salad, Veggie and Fruit tray options are also featured!  We’ve enhanced our Dessert menu and made a few other tweaks here and there so that we can meet the needs of an ever growing list of Great Customers!

So without further introduction, you can check out the new menu here:

AND, we’re adding merchandise every week to our new online store: – We’re going to be doing a variety of ‘Small Batch’ BBQ Sauces, Rubs and Glazes this year and will only advertise them to our Blog Readers and FB Fans!  SO…I hope you enjoy! – jak


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