Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee Doggie!!!

For those who don’t recall Jed Clampett’s rally call…we could apply that same title to; BBQ Hot Dogs or perhaps all the Hounds we’ve got keeping an eye on us to make sure that we’re all behaving!  Either way, it’s intent this morning is to herald the arrival of all our shiny NEW GreatQ4U! gear!  Late yesterday afternoon the boxes arrived…straight from Textile Graphics in McMinnville, OR via UPS (I’ve had REALLY bad luck with FedEx over the years) and I just couldn’t wait to get them open!

What’s all this mean for you guys & gals?  Well…I’m glad I asked that for you!  It means that next week, you’ll begin to see all our new Tee’s, Polos and Hats on our staff and better yet in our Online Store: shop.GreatQ4U.com so you can sport them yourselves and show your support for us along side your LOVE of the “Q”!  It also means that if you’ve got a BBQ Business or Competition Team and you’re looking for a vendor that can provide Top Notch service and truly great looking results, I can highly recommend Textile Graphics!  Better yet, I can give you a contact!  AMY is your gal…she can be reached at 503-472-1493 or you can find them on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/textile.graphics.

Amy reached out to me as a ‘Cold Call’ by e-mail which isn’t typically something I respond to, but I thought…well it IS pre-season and I DO need some apparel for our staff, let’s see what she’s got?  We have collaborated to create some really nice looking shirts featuring our logo on Tee’s and embroidered Polos & Hats not to mention an upcoming ‘Competition Tee’ that will be a bit edgy and pretty funny as far as I’m concerned!  Prices were competitive and service incredible!  If it sounds like I am plugging my supplier…I AM!  If you’re in the market…give Amy a call and see what she can do for you…we are VERY happy with the results!

All of that said…going to be a bit rainy here in the NorthEast this weekend…so we’ll keep the fires burning to stay warm & dry…hope you do to!  Have a GREAT weekend!



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