Coffee…a BBQ Guy’s Best Friend!

As I downed my second ’24 ouncer’ this morning at about 0430…THAT’s exactly what I was thinking!  Then (perhaps because of all the caffeine) I got to thinking about the ongoing worldwide Coffee shortage and its dramatic effect on coffee prices in the last 12 months (if you’re a coffee drinker…you know what I’m talkin’ about!).  I did all that thinking while also thinking about everything else (except incomes) that is increasing in cost (even Chocolate) and the overall implications of all that!

In the event you haven’t been keeping track on a wholesale level, meat and produce prices have been skyrocketing…it’s complicated, but to boil it down to a ‘common denominator’ it’s got a fair amount to do with the cost of corn which has nearly doubled in recent months!  How does all of this translate to BBQ?  Well there are a number of ways:

  • As a competitor, the increased costs of diesel, wood and food added up with the lost revenue if you are a caterer…make it tough to compete!  (We are still going to hit several events this year!)  All during one of the greatest periods of growth for BBQ Competitions across the country!  Hopefully contest organizers will keep this in mind while setting prices and deciding what they can do for their competitors!  (I know that their costs are increasing too, but I’m just sayin’!)
  • Most importantly as an Artisanal ‘Real Deal’ BBQ Caterer that is committed to providing high quality, locally grown and sourced products, it (regrettably) means that we can’t provide an Estimate today and expect it to be the same in 2 months!  Regular visitors to our website have probably noticed some changes…gone are the ‘Suggested Menus and Pricing’ from our site and literature; a direct result of commodity price volatility and the fact that menus tend to ‘box in’ clients…we can do just about ANY menu you’d like for your event and are always happy to put an Estimate in writing for you!  That said, our Estimates are now valid for only 2 weeks (we anticipate that they will remain unchanged for up to 30 days, but don’t know just yet…and we pay close attention to these things!) and we DO expect fairly regular increases in costs as we move toward smaller, local suppliers, but we plan to absorb what we can and offer ‘offsets’ elsewhere.  An example would be the significant drop in personnel costs for ‘Full Service’ events that I’ve just implemented.

Yes, these ARE tough times and we understand that folks need to economize whenever and wherever they can.  I promise that we’ll do our part, but will reiterate that we can only do SO much while continuing to maintain quality and promote local and sustainable products that are hand-picked and prepared carefully to insure that each and every event gets truly Great “Q”!  I am always open to suggestions and available to discuss your specific needs…by e-mail ( or phone 717-254-1937!


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