Competition BBQ Team Info

So for the past few years we have not had the time to make it to very many competitions…too busy making GreatQ4U! as it turns out!  That’s NOT to say that we don’t LOVE the competition scene…we do and this year, we’re going to do something about it! 

We plan on getting out there and doing some regional and potentially a few ‘long haul’ competitions this year and  I am very much looking forward to it!  Our team is a group of seasoned ‘BBQ aficionados’ and a pretty laid back bunch…isn’t every BBQ team?  We’re a bit geographically spread out and as we all have ‘day jobs’ (mine happens to be BBQ!) we don’t get together as often as we’d like, but we’re a piece of work when we do!

We would LOVE to have a few new Team members this year and are planning on getting our FB Fans and Blog readers in on a ‘come compete with us’ event sometime this year, but if you’ve got a burning desire to compete in big BBQ competitions…let me know and we’ll talk!  (  I should warn you that we don’t change our methods or sauces for competitions…we use our own ‘HVC’ (High Vinegar Content) stuff, which either does really well or entirely the opposite!  We compete primarily for the camaraderie and knowledge, but we always do it the way that keeps us in business which is to say, fun and focused!

I’ll keep readers apprised in words and photos of our progress and can’t wait to get out there and hit the road!


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