So this morning I was thinking…

…which smells a LOT like the smoke from the Pits!  But nevermind that, here’s a few of the things I was thinking about;

  • We are gearing up for our biggest and best year YET!  I can’t lay it all out here, but I assure you that we are planning on rolling out a number of ways for you to get the “Q”!  Hints: We’ll probably ‘pop up’ for a few seatings at some local restaurants…Bloggers and FaceBook Fans will be a few of the ONLY ones to know when and where it will happen.  Not only will these meals feature ALL local and fresh ingredients, but they will show a bit different side of GreatQ4U! that most folks haven’t seen!  We WILL be offering walk-up service and a convenient west-shore pick up location for folks who want to order meals and then come get them. (Sales Reps are our focus for this service, but everyone will have access!)  We’re going to be doing Competitions and getting Blog readers and FB fans in on the action!  We have our new online store ( and soon it will feature LOTS of cool new GreatQ4U! Gear to help you spread the love and let everyone know that you’re a BBQ Lover! 
  • Portions!  Yes, I think about it constantly!  We have consistently increased our portion sizes year after year and last year proved to be challenging at a few events.  It turns out that Great “Q” is a popular thing and that most folks when given a choice will choose some of each meat…typically resulting in a pretty good sized portion.  (our meats are prepared for 5-6oz. per person for lunches and 7-8oz. per person for dinners post-cooking, we lose on average about 35% of the meat’s weight while smoking it)  One of the most common questions that we get is ‘How much should I order?’ and it’s a tricky one for us because you know your crowd better than we do, BUT we LOVE you guys…so we’re addressing this in a few ways; We can offer a ‘choose your meat’ option…typical of most other event caterers, but new for us…this would provide your guests with a ‘token’ that would ID their preferred meat selection and allow our servers to guide them to it in the Buffet line.  We are also adding cuts that easily provide individual portioning such as Beef Tenderloin, Chicken Thighs and Sustainably raised Rainbow Trout!  We’ll keep working on it and we are more than happy to hear your suggestions!
  • STUFF!  Yep…while listening to Jimmy Buffett (circa 1974) on my way for Coffee this morning, I was thinking about LOTS of stuff!  All of it aimed at providing better and more responsive service than we’ve ever done before!  Current customers know that we are pretty committed to that already!  We are in the final stages of designing what I hope will be the first of several cool GreatQ4U! ‘Theme Tee’s’ that will have an entertaining and ironic twist to it!  We are adding a venue along the Scenic Susquehanna River to our Catering options and we will be doing everything we can to ‘connect’ our customers to the origins of their meals!  It is important where your food comes from, you and your guests should know how focused we are on doing it GREAT every time, doing it LOCALLY and doing it RIGHT!
  • KCBS – If you’re a fan of BBQ and you’re not a member of the Kansas City BBQ Society…Join TODAY!!! ( They are doing a GREAT deal to promote the art of BBQ across the country and it’s a tremendous organization!  If you’ve ever given any thought to competing in a BBQ event…KCBS is your starting point!  They’ve got LOTS of info on their Website and offer Competition Cooking and BBQ Judge classes across the country!

OK, I think that’s enough thinking for one day (whew…I’m taking the rest of the day off!)!  All I can say to all you BBQ fans out there…strap in and hold on…HERE WE GO! 


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