Another week…another few hundred pounds of Pork Butt!

Yes, at this time every year we’re all both excited and intimidated by the number of folks that we’ll be feeding Great “Q” to in the coming months!  I have said it before and will say it over and over again…we are VERY appreciative of the business that we have and the customers who choose us to add something a ‘bit different’ to their events!  We have spent years working quite hard to maintain quality as the number of customers we have has steadily increased and we will keep on doing so into the future!

We would LOVE to help you add the extra special touch that ‘Artisanal Quality’ BBQ can add to your next event and are always willing to provide written Estimates at no obligation to you! ( or 717-254-1937)  We’re definitely not the cheapest BBQ Caterer and you’ll never hear me type or say the words “We’ll beat any competitors price”, but what you will get is incredibly tasty and clearly ‘Real Deal’, Wood-Smoked BBQ!  Done the way it should be…Low & Slow with mop after mop of our own spices, sauces and rubs!

We’ve been at this for a LONG time and learn lessons every year about how we can better serve our customers, this year is no different!  We’ll be providing Great “Q” to you in a variety of places and ways that we’ve never done it before!  We plan on having LOTS of fun and really involving Blog followers and FaceBook Fans in many of our antics!  We’re taking yet another look at portions as we completely revise our menu items to make sure that everyone’s tummy is stuffed with just what they like! 

All that’s just the tip of the iceberg…stay tuned and keep reading…there’s MUCH more to come! 

Tasty Chicken Thighs!


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