Get to Know Some Meat!

I know, I know…insert your favorite euphemism here!  BUT, it’s something that I would suggest that anyone who ever cooks should do!  Just pick a cut….any cut…as long as you’ve never cooked with it (or better yet…seen it) before and learn to cook it!  A few ‘common’ suggestions would include; ‘Boston Butt’ or Pork Shoulder (‘bone in’), ‘Picnic Roast’ or the lower Pork Shoulder, Beef Brisket (same cut as Corned Beef) or you could get more adventurous.  If you have a large Latino market near you, perhaps you’ll find different cuts of Beef or Pork than those you’d see traditionally in an ‘American’ grocery.

Pick a meat…’Google’ it or read up in Cookbooks (how ‘Old Fashioned’) and learn to cook it well!  You’ll find that many of the ‘lesser used’ cuts of meat can be incredible and with the rising costs of meats, far more cost effective for feeding a family and having leftovers!  There are many ways of preparing all kinds of cuts…some need low, moist heat for long periods of time and others really high heat followed by pretty high heat…dry and fast…it just depends!

It’s a good exercise in the kitchen and a bit of an adventure without having to leave your house…except to get some meat!  Let us know here how it goes…pics would be GREAT!  Good luck!



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