Why I LOVE Valomilks!

I’m going to Arthur Bryant’s for a sandwich soon!  Used to be that I could say that and off we’d go…16 hours of driving later, we’d be having BBQ at my personal Mecca!  I know, I know…there’s more to life than Arthur Bryant’s…there’s CANDY!  Specifically, Valomilks!  Made in a small suburb of Kansas City, Merriam, KS.

Made by Russell Sifers and his family in the same machines that his Grandfather used to make candy over 100 years ago!  Their website tells the story much more efficiently than I can, but highlights include; the creation of Valomilks by a drunk candy maker, Corporate Greed and Consolidation, banishment to an uncertain future and rebirth in a traditional and time honored way!  You can learn all about the company here: http://www.valomilk.com/company/history

It’s all a part of something that these tough economic times are beginning to drive once again…small, American built companies with real ‘core values’ that they live every day and a commitment to quality!  Cheap fuel, big ships and an ongoing desire to get more for less has really hurt the ‘local business’ people out there and as the son of a son of a printer who ran a family printing business that started in 1872 and continues to grow today, I can say that success is unfortunately the exception!

Companies like the Siefer’s and their commitment to producing a candy that has significance to their family, their customers and chocolate lovers around the world are survivors!  There are many more like them out there and now that gas is getting more expensive…it’s not as cheap to get stuff from far away, so folks are once again thinking local!  We’ve been doing it for years here at GreatQ4U!, we’re just glad to see everyone else starting to catch up!


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