‘Single Serving’ Portioning Getting Easier!

One of the most frequent questions we get here at GreatQ4U! is ‘How much Pulled (insert your favorite ‘pulled’ protein here) should I order for my event?  It’s always been a tough question for us to answer because of course, you know your group better than we do!  We serve 6 oz. portions (post cooking) of protein per “Guest”, so if you’ve got BIG eaters…plan on an extra guest count or ask us for larger portions during the Estimation process and we’ll be happy to accommodate you!

Another way to address this common concern is by choosing  ‘Single Serving’ proteins and we’re increasing your options to do so this year!  We’ve added whole Beef Tenderloin that can be cut into individual portions, this is a tasty addition to any menu!  If you’re looking for Poultry, we can do Chicken Thighs, Cornish Hens or Half Chickens for REALLY big appetites…if you want something a bit different, just ask…we can do Pheasant, Quail, Squab or anything you’d like!  We are adding fresh smoked, locally raised and sustainable Trout to the menu in the near future which also provides for easy ‘single’ serve portions!

As always, GreatQ4U! is a completely ‘custom’ caterer and we prepare everything specifically for your event.  Our meats are all timed to come off the smoker and head straight to your event so that you and your guests get to experience that ‘fresh of the Pit’ taste, texture and smell each and every time!  If you’d like to have some ‘Real Deal’ wood-smoked BBQ at your upcoming event…call us at 717-254-1937 or send an e-mail: info@GreatQ4U.com and we’ll be happy to help!

Smoked Tenderloin (Filet) Adds a Classy and Distinctive Touch to Any Event!

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