What All Goes Into Our Pulled Pork!

I know, sometimes it’s better to simply eat the final product than to hear the tedious details, but we keep ranting about ‘Real Deal’ BBQ here at GreatQ4U! so I thought I should provide an explanation!  There is no better example of this than our Pulled Pork (which I personally think is our best…contrary to many a KCBS Judge!) which exemplifies all that we put into that end product that you’d love to sink those choppers into!

For the sake of the Blog, we’ll start off with the Pork ‘Butt’ (upper part of the front shoulder) with the ‘Blade In’ referring of course to the ‘T’ shaped shoulder blade. (You can even get these at Wal-Mart…it’s a relatively cheap cut, they come from 4-10lbs)  This can also be done with the whole shoulder which includes the lower shoulder (Picnic Roast) and top of the leg with all the bones.  Some folks cook boneless shoulder, but your losing meat, flavor and moisture when you take the bones out so it seems an easy choice to me!  Everyone’s got their own special ‘trim’ that they like for smoking Pork Butt…well maybe some folks just buy whatever’s in the bin, but we like a thick ‘fat cap’ on the Butt which we allow to soak into the meat as it smokes!

So, now that we’ve got the meats…here come the spices!  Again, there are LOTS of individual preferences here and really no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in this whole arena…just whatever you like!  We do our Pulled Pork North Carolina style and here’s what that means;  we rub it with our own special rub and let it come close to room temp before tossing it on the smoker over primarily Hickory smoke.  We cook it at under 225°F until it hits a certain internal temperature (hey…it’s BBQ…we have to keep some secrets!) not for any specific length of time.  During the smoking process the meat gets ‘mopped’ with a (primarily) Vinegar mop with some salt, garlic, jalapeno and shallots in it every 2 hours…yep…all night long!  This helps to build a ‘bark’ on the outside of the meat that helps add an incredible flavor and texture when we pull it.  Finally, it get’s a wrap and set aside when it comes off the smoker for up to an hour or so until it’s just right to pull!

THEN….we pull it, pack it and send it off to your event!  Each and every time, this is how we do it…because we are committed to ‘Real Deal’ BBQ here at GreatQ4U!


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