Try, Try and Try Some More!!!

See…I could have started off with some vaguely funny reference to the crappy weather here in Central PA, but I rose above the temptation!  (kind of)  I did so because a quick trip to the local supermarket this morning (understaffed…apparently the WET roads were an issue) got me to thinking that perhaps folks are going shopping today!  SO…if you are going shopping today or some other day in the near future this Blog’s for you!

These days as mega-marts try to imitate the ‘markets’ of old, you’ll find more and more ‘unique’ things on their shelves!  Used to be that it was just Hot Sauces that began to take up more space on the grocery shelves, but now it’s BBQ Sauces and ALL KINDS of meat Rubs!  Here’s my suggestion for these ‘snow days’ – when you’re at the store…look them over and then buy a few BBQ Sauces or Rubs that sound good to you!  read up on them and what you should put them on and then give ’em a try!  In fact, try them on multiple meats and in multiple ways!

THEN…let me and all the other readers here know what you think!  I’d definitely be interested in hearing from folks about what they can find wherever they are at and how it tastes!  let us know and I promise, I’ll do the same in some upcoming posts!


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