Know Where Your Food Comes From!

It’s probably more important than you think!  For example…ever catch a Tilapia in your local stream, lake or the ocean?  Know what a Tilapia is?  (It is actually a genetically ‘modified’ Chichlid….same kind of fish that you may have in the tank at home!)  There’s a reason that you’ve never caught one….and for that matter…why the filets have very little taste of their own!  I’ve got a friend who’s invested in Tilapia as it turns out….grown in a warehouse right downtown in a big city!  They go from spawn to market in WEEKS!!!

That’s just ONE example of why you should know where your food comes from!  In recent years the concept of ‘Farm to Table’ dining has become ‘trendy’, but it’s as old as the hills!  (or perhaps the ‘Farms’!)  I’m not going to get all military (no offense to our men and women in uniform) about knowing every ingredient and its origins, but I would submit that there are a NUMBER of perfectly good reasons to know where your food comes from!

Rather than provide a list of ‘suspect’ food items and sources, I’ll share another anecdote with you;  For several years, my parents lived in Arizona and I would frequently make the journey to see them and enjoy the views of the Superstition Mountains from their back porch!  I used to be a crazy ‘Milk’ guy…I still think it’s nice to have, but I’ve been able to limit my intake somewhat to help keep what’s left of this body running a bit better than those days!  Either way, when I was at my parent’s place I noticed that the milk tasted pretty weird!  I couldn’t find the words to describe it, but it was most certainly NOT the milk that I drank back home!  Just a bit of research led me to the concept of raising milk cows on feed lots!  I’ll spare you the details, but suffice it to say that the iconic image of ‘Bessie’ wondering around in a field just ain’t so out there and you can TASTE the difference!

While I don’t drink as much milk as I used to, the stuff that I do drink comes from cows that saw, walked on and ate grass in rolling pastures!  Just a small amount of research and a bit of time will tell you a LOT about everything that you put into your body and I highly suggest that you make a habit of knowing exactly where that food comes from! (…and NO, “the kitchen” is NOT an acceptable answer!)  Get out there and EAT IT UP!!! – jak 


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