I can’t WAIT for 2011!

Not that I am looking to kick 2010 to the curb just yet, it’s been our busiest year ever and while we’ve had a few challenges we have also been rewarded with LOTS of smiling faces and full bellies!  It’s just that after all the commotion this year, we’ve had to put off some of our ambitions…most notably developing a plan to allow you to just ‘stop by’ and grab some “Q”!

With the ongoing financial worries and the cost of expanding into our planned ‘new mobile digs’ exceeding a quarter million bucks…it’s a tough pill to swallow!  I’m a brave man, but I also understand the consequences of having overhead on the bottom line!  It’s my personal goal to become Central PA’s ‘BBQ King’ by maintaining quality no matter how busy we get!  It’s a rough job to expand and maintain that ‘small shack’ BBQ taste, but I’ve had a LOT of great “Q” at places that have been able to do it…so can we!

In the meanwhile, we’re planning on doing some COOL stuff next year!  In addition to all of our online efforts to spread the BBQ luv, we’re going to be conducting a few ‘Commando Style’ BBQ Dinner opportunities!  I will scour the local farm and market scene…put together a full BBQ meal featuring ALL local and organic ingredients and then box them all up in Environmentally friendly take-out containers and then….online followers will get a short notice ‘heads-up’ as to where we’ll be and we’ll go sell ’til they’re gone!  It’s going to be fun and a great way to support the BBQ Community as well as enjoy some artisanally prepared food to go!

That’s just ONE of the things we’ve got in store for 2011…I hate to give up ALL the tricks we’ve got under our Chef’s hat!  I have already mentioned the GreatQ4U! BBQ Channel on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/user/GreatQ4U?feature=mhum) and our upcoming video series.  We have yet to name our star character and in the absence of suggestions from our online friends…we’ve brought in a ‘back up’ Pig to be the star…still looking for names!  We’ll be doing some stuff to support our friends in Orrtanna at Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum & Candy Shop (http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/pages/Orrtanna-PA/Mister-Eds-Elephant-Museum/374960323556) and suggest you stop by to see them ANY time you’re in the Chambersburg, PA area!  LOTS more planned…all to celebrate BBQ and friends!

Thanks for reading the Blog!  If you’ve got something special you’d like to see us do in 2011, please feel free to leave a suggestion!  We are ALWAYS happy to hear what our fans have to say!


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