Subscribe to the GreatQ4U! BBQ Channel on YouTube!

Yep…we’ve got one…it’s not currently THAT loaded up with content, but there’s a few ‘Pork-In-The-Park’ Competition videos there for you now!  Most important reason to subscribe is that we’ll be featuring our BBQ ‘How To’ Series beginning in early 2011…as soon as we’ve got a STAR!

We’ve had a FEW folks provide suggestions for a ‘Critter’ to star in the Video series, but we’d like to have more!  If you have an idea of any kind of ‘critter’, ‘puppet’, whatever to star in the GreatQ4U! How2Q! Video series…let us know!   If your choice wins, you’ll get to participate in the design of the critter and we’ll hook you up with some GreatQ4U! swag!

Visit the GreatQ4U! BBQ Catering for Central PA You Tube Channel Here:


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