Stuff It!

Yep, that’s right…STUFF IT!  It feels good and tastes great!

OK, some explanation for those who haven’t had a chance to find any blog entries here about how we smoke Chickens…we stuff ’em!  Actually, we stuff them with a mix of Chicken Stock and fresh Herbs in a can and cook them upright after gently rubbing their skins with more spices and a light coat of olive oil.  That is ONE way you could do it, but alas there’s more:

I know, I know…there are no shortage of ‘stuffing’ nazi’s out there who would have your goat for putting anything that you’re planning on eating into the cavities of ANY foul, but some folks just like it that way and that’s OK!  If you’re planning on doing that, no matter what your stuffin’s got in it, make sure that it’s 165°F in the middle before you put it in your mouth!  That’s all I have to say about that!

This Blog entry is meant to inspire you at a time of the year that is filled with Holiday get togethers and Family gatherings.  No doubt, you’ll have those ‘overlap’ guests that come to more than one party and if you’re self conscious about such things…perhaps you don’t want them to have the ‘same chicken’ (or turkey/pheasant/et al) as they did at your last party!  No problem mon!  Just change up the stuffing…and NOT the kind you eat either! 

At a minimum, you should have salt and pepper rubbed all over the interior cavity of your bird, then the choices are virtually unlimited!  We’ve used Apples, Apple Skins, Orange Peels, Cinnamon, Herbs and Spices, Fresh Rosemary and more.  Whatever you’ve got laying around that you think might add some flavor as your bird cooks!  I’ve heard of some folks even using dried tobacco leaves to impart a subtle, but quite notable flavor!  I think I’ll pass on that one, but I’d LOVE to hear some more….SO, if you use stuffing to FLAVOR and not eat…please share your favorites and maybe we can all learn a new trick or two!


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