Thanksgiving’s Over…NOT BBQ ‘Season’!!!

What IS BBQ Season anyway?  Every year, retailers commercials and websites herald it, pool salesmen are travelling and lawn care accessories begin to fly off the shelves at local home and garden centers!  Folks get out their gas grills and smokers and get ready for the ‘Season’!  Before you know it, all the summer parties are recent memories and you’re cleaning up the last of the leaves! (at least here in the Northeast)  Then, like magic…most folks store the grills and smokers away in anticipation of ‘next Season’!  Pity on them, ’cause they’re all missing out on some great opportunities to do the “Q”! 

Of course, since it’s what we do, we are always thinking about it, but that shouldn’t be exclusive to us!  Holidays are great times for BBQ if you think about it…you’ve got all the same ingredients as those summer parties…family, friends, good times…etc.  No reason to miss out on some prime smoking time just because the seasons have changed!  A few tips to keep you happy during the colder ‘smoking’ months:

  • Cook to Internal Temps: Know your meats and what temps you like them cooked to…poultry should ALWAYS be a minimum of 165F in the deepest part of the muscle.  Cooler weather tends to screw up timing if you’re used to cooking for a given length of time!
  • Try to Stay Out of the Wind: Wind can substantially impact the performance of even the best smokers!  It can cause them to have hot and cold spots and can generally wreak havoc on your smoking efforts!
  • Let Red Meats Come to Room Temp: This will facilitate the early stages of cooking it.  You still need to keep a close eye on the smoker to make sure that your temps are stable.

There are more, but it’s a Holiday weekend and everyone’s thinking about shopping anyway!  I’m just saying that you shouldn’t let the change in seasons bring an end to your BBQ efforts…keep them up and you’ll be rewarded with a tasty treat and a sweet reminder of warmer weather!


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