Calling all Pit Masters, BBQ Enthusiasts & other lovers of “Q”!

I have a question!  It’s bothered me for some time and I don’t have a clear answer!  I haven’t asked this question in a public forum previously, ’cause I didn’t want to offend any particular BBQ Establishment, BUT the time has come!  I’ll eventually get to my question, but should qualify it by saying that I’m interested both as a BBQ lover and as a business man.  OK, enough blathering…here’s the question:

Why do many so BBQ Shacks, Restaurants or other ‘Brick & Mortar’ establishments have “Q” that just tastes ‘blah’?  Now I don’t mean just a place that calls itself a BBQ shack…I mean a genuine Old Hickory or Fast Eddy or some other variant of a ‘good’ smoker (we use Traeger’s, but I’m not too to pleased about them sending production ‘offshore’!) and someone who looks like they know how to use it!  I mean, the meat’s GOT a smoke ring…you can SMELL the wood smoke burning…it should taste like smoked BBQ, but it DOESN’T!

I would say that we experience this at about 80% of the BBQ places that we stop in at!  Sometimes I attribute it to the time of day or the day of the week, but I usually excuse the complete lack of flavor in the meat away.  Now, NOT that I am placing GreatQ4U! on a pedestal here, but our clients never have to worry about not smelling or tasting the smoke in our meats!  It’s just a fact!  We cook the meats to come off just in time to prep them and get them into a warmer and off to our customer’s events.  This process seems to work for us every time!

I’m not saying that we don’t get complaints from customers…we occasionally do, BUT they NEVER involve the caliber of the meats!  SO…I wonder if it’s storing the meats in steam tables or cooking them in a heavily humidified smoker, or what?  That’s the business man in me thinking about providing optimal walk up “Q”…never a sit down restaurant while I’m at the pits!  BUT…perhaps walk-up…..I keep threatening!  Stay tuned!  Meanwhile, I would seriously be interested in the observations of others on this topic!


One thought on “Calling all Pit Masters, BBQ Enthusiasts & other lovers of “Q”!

  1. Sadly i agree. This is a thing that i have seen many many places and sadly there are several reasons that could be the truth. I know some places blanch their meats first thinking it will keep it juicier, other don’t follow the “low & slow” method properly. While others may not be smoking properly. There is also the possibility of crap wood. There are too many to name, I think the best reason of all would be… they are just doing it wrong.

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