I hate to mention the “F” word in the blog, BUT…

FALL is on the way! (what did you think I was going to say?)  I mention this for basically the same reason I do every year, with the notable exception of the fact that I’m actually looking forward to some cooler weather this year! 

Traditionally, folks equate BBQ with summertime events and their thoughts turn to other things like Apples (here near Adams County, PA), pumpkins and the upcoming Holiday season which seems to be promoted earlier and earlier every year!  While it’s true that Great “Q” is quite tasty in the Summer and it goes well with all those outdoor gatherings…I submit that it is ALSO tasty all year long!  We keep the smokers burning and the good times flowing year round and there are few things to make your Fall parties and Holiday gatherings more special than some hand crafted, slow smoked BBQ!

In addition to the fact that it’s simply delicious, BBQ tastes better as the weather cools down! (at least that’s MY opinion)  Why, you ask?  Well, as the weather turns cooler, the meat tends to stay on the smokers a bit longer until it reaches its optimal temperature.  A couple of benefits to this I believe…first of all, it tends to pick up a bit more of that smokey goodness (there are those who believe that all the smoke that can be absorbed is done in the first few hours…I don’t buy it!) and more importantly, more time on the smoker leads to more tenderness!  Of course we’re careful to use our super secret techniques to keep it juicy and flavorful too.

SO..if you are planning an event in the upcoming months, visit us at GreatQ4U.com and check out how we can make your event even more special.  OR, if you’ve got a favorite Fall or Wintertime BBQ recipe or dish, feel free to share it here so we can all keep our “Q” on as the seasons change!


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