“12 Hour Pulled Pork”!

Saw a sign yesterday on one of the MANY new BBQ trailers in Central PA that got me to thinking…it read “12 Hour Pulled Pork”. 

What THAT got me thinking about was all of the different ways that there are to do “Q”!  At first it made me a bit jealous, ’cause I can’t tell you the last time I had a shoulder cooked in 12 hours.  Nor do we simply put the Butt on the smoke and set a timer…not that I am saying that our way is any better than anyone elses, I’ll let folk’s taste buds make that comparison!  I’m just saying that there are LOTS of ways to cook BBQ and they all require patience, skill and practice. 

Turns out that there’s no ONE way to make Great BBQ…there are quite a few methods.  One of the hottest (pun intended) trends in Pulled Pork these days is to cook at higher heat for a shorter period of time.  I’ve never tasted any pork prepared this way, but I am quite aware that more than a few folks think it’s the S%#t!  I am of the opinion that the lower temps and longer cooking time help to break down the muscle fibers and make the shoulder more tender in addition to allowing all that delicious pork fat to soak into and through the meat.  Of course that’s just MY opinion…everyone’s entitled to one and who’s to say which is correct!

In the end, it’s whatever works for you and the folks who enjoy your BBQ!  As I’ve said many times before in this space, BBQ’s got as much to do with the people and the experiences as it does with your smoker and techniques!  Just having that time together and rewarding yourself with some slow cooked tastiness at the end of it all makes whatever amount of time you spend cooking it worth while!  SO…find your own nitch and get out there & do some BBQ!!!


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