Mid-Atlantic BBQ Association Event – July 31st!

Got this in the e-mail box yesterday, our catering schedule is full unfortunately, but looks like a worthy event to lend a hand to!:

Summer Fundraiser at the Swarthmore Food Co-op
Date:   Saturday, July 31st

We will have an opportunity to raise money for MABA by cooking and giving BBQ and grilling demonstrations at the Swarthmore Food Co-op (http://www.swarthmore.coop/), on Saturday, July 31st.  Last October we helped the Coop sell almost 500 food platters for their anniversary celebration, and the Coop gave MABA a nice donation for our efforts.   

We have been asked to return and BBQ pork butts, briskets, ribs, chicken, and grill a variety of fresh produce to celebrate their summer offerings.  Also, we have been asked  to give grilling demonstrations.

All those interested in helping with this event please contact me this week preferably before July 4th.


Mark Friedrichs


(610) 357-5059

Best regards,
Mid Atlantic BBQ Association


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