Just got back from Mr. Ed’s!

NO…not the horse, but Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum and Candy Store in Orrtanna, PA!  For those who haven’t heard, this quirky little piece of nostalgia suffered a somewhat tragic turn of events when it burnt to the ground last week.  I say ‘somewhat tragic’ because today, hundreds gathered to help clean what’s been salvaged of an elephant collection that probably hits 10,000!  News crews covered every angle, people from church groups, local businesses, the Totem Pole Playhouse and everywhere around came together for a common cause…to help a good man and a local landmark start the process of rebuilding.

For those who know me personally, you’re probably aware that it’s a weekly pilgrimage of mine to pick up fresh (Dark Roasted) peanuts, LOTS of nostalgic candies and Sunflower seeds!  Sometimes with family or friends, many times alone…it’s just something that I love to do.  I’ve been a ‘regular’ customer since 1980, but only recently have I started to make visits weekly…not good for the diet, but pretty good for the soul!  In fact, being a part of so many people who have similar feelings and memories lending a hand was VERY good for the soul!  I overheard Mr. Ed telling the media that he’s received letters and e-mails from ALL over the world wishing him well and expressing sadness!

Nothing to be sad about though…he’s going to be back and better than ever!  New ‘Temporary Store’ opens on Tuesday at 0900 and I plan to be there shortly thereafter!  In addition to his historic 1903 Peanut Roaster, Mr. Ed has candies that you probably haven’t seen since you were a kid!  Maybe you’ve never seen or heard of them, but that’s one of the best parts…as you are deciding what to fill your bag with…you can sample the goods!  As a sign read in the old shop, ‘Go ahead, be a kid in a candy store!’ and that’s exactly what it feels like to go to Mr. Ed’s! 

We had the honor of providing some GreatQ for guests and volunteers alike and were pleased to hear many nice comments about the “Q’, but even more so to see a community come together to help a friend!  SO…if you happen to be driving on Route 30 through or anywhere near Franklin County, PA…stop by Mr. Ed’s and say ‘Hi’!  Tell him the BBQ guy sent you and enjoy a Coconut Longboy for me! 🙂


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