Walk Up Service is Coming!!!

YES! We are going to do it and when we do, we’ll be doing it right!  My guess is that we will be up and ready for your business early Spring 2011 and that our new Commercial Kitchen will be functional in time to cater your Christmas parties this year!  That’s right, what’s better than Authentically prepared and smoked BBQ for your Christmas Party?  It’s not the same old, same old…it’s a treat that will let your guests, employees, customers or whomever know that you care enough to serve something as special as them!

All of that said, we are wrapping up a year long process of determining the best capital investments to make, choosing the right vendors for them from literally hundreds of choices, working diligently with them to develop the custom specifications that will allow us to not only offer Great BBQ to you all day, every day for 5 days a week….it will significantly enhance our ability to cater any sized event.  In addition, we’ll have the flexibility to offer daily ‘Specials’ and do some experimenting in the kitchen!  In fact, we will be enhancing our menu significantly once we’ve got the kitchen built!

Of course, following all of the above tedious and sometimes mind numbing tasks comes the job of financing the whole deal!  I am talking to bankers, lease people, B2B lenders and just about anyone who’s got some type of financing to offer small businesses!  As you may have heard, cash is flowing slowly to small business these days and it’s no different in our situation!  We are considering all options and are even thinking about giving our customers, other BBQ enthusiasts or anyone interested in a short term, high interest ROI the chance to ‘buy in’! 

I’d be interested in hearing of other folks endeavors in this area…I’ve read a great deal, but actual experience is always a good thing!  We have a solid business and an evolving Business Plan to guide us along our way, we just need to make a decision about who and how we’ll finance this next step in our evolution!  We will always remain committed to quality and are expanding wisely with the possibility of growing into a franchising opportunity (everything’s on the table right now!)  We hope to raise about $225K in capital in the next month or so and will be able to repay the debt within 8 years…hopefully sooner if you all line up daily for Great “Q” and tell your bosses to cater with us!

I’ll keep you posted on our progress and would welcome any suggestions…I know a thing or two about finance, but I am afterall, just a BBQ guy! You can reach me by e-mail: Jim@GreatQ4U.com or phone: 717-682-7703


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