Mid-Season Update from the Trenches!

OK…maybe sometime in the past, I may have muttered something to the effect of ‘you can never cook too much BBQ!’ and I may have been slightly off base with that observation!  I’m certainly not complaining, but it’s been a crazy busy Spring with LOTS of events and a few new twists on old favorites!  Did a wedding a few weeks back where we just did protiens…it was really cool and I was more than pleased with the results!  ANYWAY, we still have some room on the late July, August and Fall calendars…so if you’re looking to add some authentically prepared, artisanal quality BBQ to your next event, give us a call at 717-254-1937 or e-mail me: Jim@GreatQ4U.com

OK, not complaints, but a few observations about the way we do things here at GreatQ4U! to help make sure that your guests have a chance to enjoy the luxury of ‘hot off the smoker’ BBQ:

We do all of our meats ‘to-order’ specifically for your event based on the guest count that you provide.  We can tell you that our ‘per person’ portions are healthy and typically allow for seconds, but we can’t judge your crowd!  If you’ve got heavy eaters…figure on adding folks to your guest count to cover their hunger!  It’s better to err on the high side than the low and this has nothing to do with your bill or our profits (there’s not THAT much!) it’s more a factor of our preparation of your proteins.  Most of our meats spend more than 6 hours on the smoker, some as many as 24 hours…so we have to think WAY in advance about portioning for your event!  While I’m at it, I’ll point out that our Buffet package is not, nor will it ever be…’All-You-Can-Eat’!  I have no idea how to do that and maintain the level of quality that we deliver, so our focus is on choosing great quality, locally sourced meats and then preparing them traditionally ‘Low & Slow’ over wood smoke until they are perfect!

Since our meats are literally timed to come off the smoker just prior to departure for your event in order to insure that you “Q” is as fresh as it can be, we always prefer to have an accurate serving time.  We know that events have all kinds of things that can pull hosts this way and that.  We’re also all about BBQ atmosphere and low stress, so we won’t make a big deal of it if you are an hour or more late serving, but it presents us with several logistical challenges;  On the smoker, we can control the moisture in your meat…in half pans over chafing stands, we cannot!  As your meats sit out waiting to be served, they will dry out!  Now, we know how to address this so your guests won’t know, but it’s best if we can serve hot off the smoker!

Our servers work hard to insure that your guests receive professional and courteous service.  We simply requests that your guests treat them the same way!

I know, I know…It sounds like whining, but just a few things that, based on this season’s activity, I thought I’d put into writing as general requests!  I REALLY appreciate all the business and practice for Competition!  Keep ’em coming and I’ll keep you posted on ‘soon-to-come’ news here at GreatQ4U!  Meanwhile check out the overhaul of our website (www.GreatQ4U.com) and brochure which is on every page of the web site for download!  Thanks for stoppin’ by!



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