Feels like BBQ!!!

Yep!  Everyone’s getting out the Grills, Patio Furniture and Pink Flamingos for the soon to arrive ‘BBQ Season’!  (which of course, NEVER ends for some of us!)  Folks are turning their thoughts to Spring and Summer events and we’re getting calls for Graduation Parties, Anniversaries and Weddings every day!  It is most certainly ‘in the air’ and we are as always that your air will have a nice waft of smoke in it from some Competition Quality BBQ!

Remember to book your event soon if it’s happening in 2010!  I know, In know that I keep promising new menu items and a  new brochure and they ARE coming…REALLY!  In the meanwhile I would suggest that if you want something that you don’t see in our brochure (it’s available for download on every page of the website: www.GreatQ4U.com) just ask and we’ll more than likely be able to accommodate you!   A few things of note if you’re thinking about having us bring the BIG smoker out to your event; we charge a $1500 base fee for the trailer which includes it, 2 staff members and all the wood necessary to smoke your menu…then we add on food costs.  We also have to be there 24 hours in advance and need a clear area of about 20′ x 20′ to set up our operations in.  SO…it’s a GREAT way to add the true BBQ experience to your next event, but it’s a bit costly and requires a time commitment!  Main reason for the cost; we lose our big smoker and have to dedicate it to one event instead of using it to prepare several event’s food! 

Well, I hope that the pollen count hasn’t kept you from too much Springtime fun!  Enjoy the weather and keep on smoking!!!


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