Sauce it up!

I may have mentioned in a previous post or two that we I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time thinking about BBQ sauce these days!  Not only to do a commercial Run of Hoover’s Southern Fusion sauce, but ’cause we’ve got lots of new hounds and each of them needs a sauce!!!  So as we’ve been working to complete our new menu and offerings, I’ve been experimenting with different combinations and flavor profiles and trying to match them up with our dog’s personalities!  (and you thought I just wasted away my FREE time!)

All this sauce alchemy got me to thinking that BBQ Sauce, which used to define a pretty specific type of sauce and even bottle…is now something that is more in the eye of the beholder.  Whether it’s Korean Short Ribs or Hawaiian Luau Pork Ribs, BBQ sauce has made a few trips around the globe and picked up a whole lot on the way!  So, my point of the post is that no matter what your particular tastes may be…cooking up a batch of your own BBQ sauce is something anyone can do! 

For more detail on making sauces and rubs, visit, but as a general rule true BBQ sauces are made with a tomato base of some type.  Ketchup, Tomato Sauce, Paste or whatever are usually a good starting point…it all depends on sweet or tangy, thick or thin and whatever you want it to taste like!  Add an acid or two, Vinegar typically and then perhaps some Citrus juice (lemon is commonly used).  Then bring on the flavors!!!  Garlic and Onion powders should probably be in every sauce in some measure, salt & pepper too!  From there it’s your mind’s playground; sweet sauces could use brown sugars, molasses, honey – more spicy sauces could have peppers of all types or asian pepper products you can even mix it up and add some crushed pineapple or other fruits if you like!

No matter what your tinkering comes up with, you could have a sauce that needs boiled down or is OK to use right away!  Best of all you’ll have a sauce that you made to suit your tastes on your food!  Sometimes it’s even as easy as tweaking a bottle of your favorite ‘store bought’ sauce to add some originality to the dish…my favorite to ‘doctor up’ is ‘Old Pit’ BBQ Sauce!  Try some tinkering for yourself and the put your ‘sauce’ on any types of meats, fish, poultry or even veggies!  It will give you something to do for yet ANOTHER northeastern snowstorm!


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