Add to that flavor profile and smoke your seafood!!!

It’s a great tip for just about anyone who’s wife is wondering what that smoker does taking up all that space on the porch just for a few ‘cookouts’ in the summer!  Actually, if you can build and maintain a low fire in your pit during these cooler winter months, that makes it an EXCELLENT opportunity to smoke some seafood!

Sure, you can try the staples; Trout (try it whole with fresh herbs inside), Salmon (you can toss in the cliché cedar plank too if you like!) or other whitefish.  Shellfish in the form of Scallops and Oysters are other perennial favorites!  Look up a favorite recipe for Oysters Rockefeller and then add in the flavor of the smoke!  Hey…Red Lobster’s getting LOTS of press out of their ‘Wood Fired’ grills, why not put YOURS to use and try something new!  For some great recipes, start at


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