Superbowl Sunday…Look for the GreatQ4U! Superbowl Commercial!!!

Yep…you can look for it, but you won’t be seeing it!  Not yet anyway…we need to dig up a few thousand more customers before we’re ready for that level of entertainment!  Besides that, we don’t need no stinking Superbowl Commercial…we’ve got our customers!  I am as always most appreciative for the word-of-mouth (and tastebud) advertising that has kept our schedules so busy for the past 5 years and we look forward to several more years of that! 

Thought I should pop in for a quick Blog update as about 50 dozen wings finish their time on the smoker and prepare for their journey to all those hungry bellies!  Topic: Smoked Hot Wings…of course!  Among all of the things that can be smoked, they are about the easiest to prepare, take a relatively short time to cook and taste pretty darned good.  In fact, a recipe isn’t even really necessary, just follow a few simple guides:  Always cook Chicken to an internal temp of at least 165 degrees;  We cook our wings ‘whole’, but they can also be prepared traditionally without the ‘wing’ part of the wing; Sauce it up any way that you like, the most traditional ‘Hot Wing’ recipes involve melting some butter in a bowl, adding some ‘Franks Red Hot’ (or your favorite hot sauce, we like ‘Scorned Woman’) and then tossing the wings in it just after they come off the smoker.

I would point out that ‘Low & Slow’ doesn’t lend itself to crispy wings so much, so you might want to fire up the heat for the last 15 minutes or so to add some crisp to your liking!  That’s all there is to it…just add some celery, Blue Cheese and Friends & you’re ready for the big game!  Hope that you all enjoy it and that your favorite team wins!  (Mine…that would be the Saints!  I believe that the Colts belong in Baltimore and haven’t gotten over that yet and as a guy who really LOVES New Orleans…it’s an easy pick!)  No offense to Indianapolis, I like the Slippery Noodle too!  Enjoy! – jak

Who needs a Superbowl to Party?


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